Pokemon No!

Nyet! When your ego is as big as that of Bono, You can’t hide it in a jacket or kimono. Everybody’s hooked on your persona So rebellious, you say: ‘Pokemon no!’.

Source: Pokemon No! in this and similar cases”great knew inventions” they don’t have to be afraid of brain stroke cause it’ll be,is a stroke into hollowness(emptiness),lots of similar examples we witnessed in last and not so last events in Croatia and some other


I See What You Did There!

Excellent,I wonder who decided to reveal this quote,and I jut know why the author isn’t mentioned.I pity them cause at the same time IT’S MORE THAN ACTUAL.!i love so much Turgenev among others,first one I read before dicided to study languages and Russian as 1.st language.

Russian Universe


Of all the possible quotes from Russian literature they’ve chosen this one from Ivan Turgenev’s novel (and without actually mentioning his name). I see what you did there! Pretty smart for a Penguin.

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